Fire Permits & Restrictions


Fire Restrictions

EM_Fire Sign _1Each year during the warmer months, the CFA declares a Fire Restriction Period. This period typically runs from November through to April, depending on weather and environmental conditions.  

When fire restrictions are in force,NO burning off can be done without a permit, including on road sides.

On days when a Total Fire Ban is declared,NO fires can be lit in the open from midnight to midnight. Fixed and portable gas or electric barbecues can be used, however conditions apply. In some cases, a permit may be required.

The use of incinerators and activities such as welding, gas-cutting, soldering, grinding, charring and heating bitumen are also prohibited.

It is the responsibility of all residents to ensure that they are aware of, and comply with, fire restriction conditions.

See Community Local Law 2017 to confirm if you require a permit and what you're allowed to burn. 

People undertaking any burning off (open air fires) in the municipality must ensure that the fire does not escape from the burn area.  When conducting a burn off it must be monitored at all times with sufficient water to extinguish and control the fire.  

Permit to Burn - Within Fire Restriction PeriodTop of document.

If you wish to light a fire in the open air for burning-off purposes when the declared Fire Restriction Period is in force, the CFA Act (1958) requires that you apply for and obtain a Permit to Burn.

Burning off without a permit may result in legal action taking place under the CFA Act 1958 with possible fines of over $19,000.00 and/or 12 months imprisonment.

Permits are not issued for piles of green waste, rubbish or building materials. Permits are only issued for broadacre burning for stubble and grass for the purpose of farming practices.

Visit Can I or Can't I for restrictions during the Fire Danger Period.

Permit to Burn - Outside Fire Restriction PeriodTop of document.

Under Community Local Law 2017, a person who has access to Green Waste Collection will not be eligible for a permit.

A Person must not, wihtout a Permit, burn outside, or cause, or allow to be burnt outside on any land in the Urban Residential or Rural Residential areas, unless the land is greater than two hectares, any materials, whether in the open air or in built or manufactured Incinerator or similar device.

Apply for a Permit to Burn outside the Fire Restriction Period:

Complete a Permit to Burn Online.

If you plan to burn off it's recommended to list the burn with the Burn Off Notification Line (VicFire) 1800 668 511.

If you live outside of the municipality visit the CFA website for further information.


Don't forget to read our factsheet on how to burn off safely.