The Ballarat Aerodrome and West Common Draft Land Use Concept Plan has been prepared to provide an overview of issues and constraints associated with development at the Ballarat Aerodrome and Ballarat West Common and to inform the wider Master Plan that will consider infrastructure costs and other implementation issues.

The Plan was adopted by Council on 26 March 2008

What is it about?

The Ballarat Aerodrome and West Common Master Plan study area is comprised of Council and Crown land. It is generally bounded by McCartneys Road to the north, the Ring Road to the east, the former Western Highway (Sturt Street) and Blind Creek Road to the south and by Low Density and Rural Living Zones to the west.

Located on the western fringe of Ballarat, the study area is adjacent to a number of industrial estates to the east, and is well located to contribute to further economic development for the City of Ballarat. Currently the majority of the study area is zoned Special Use, and is used mainly for aerodrome, community and grazing activities.

The City of Ballarat and State Government collectively own and manage a large area of land at and around the Ballarat Aerodrome. This facility is a crucial asset for the Ballarat community, with significant potential to service the community's aviation needs, as well as providing a potential supply of developable land. In addition, the plan considers the protection of sensitive areas surrounding the aerodrome including residential land and Winter Swamp.

Download the Ballarat Aerodrome and West Common Draft Land Use Concept Plan (PDF - 985KB) or view a copy of the plan at the Ballarat Town Hall, Sturt Street, Ballarat.