Amendment C154 - Ballarat Gaming Policy Framework




The Minister for Planning has now approved Amendment C154 to the Ballarat Planning Scheme. The recommended changes to the scheme came into operation on 21 November, the day it appeared in the Government Gazette.

The amendment implements the Ballarat Gaming Policy Framework (2011) through changes to Clauses 21.04 and 21.10 of the Ballarat Planning Scheme and introduces a Local Gaming Policy at Clause 22.13. The amendment also amends the scheldues to Clause 52.28.

The aim of the policy is to ensure that an appropriate balance is struck between providing access to electronic gaming machines (EGMs) and their recreational benefits, and Council’s broader responsibilities relating to community health and wellbeing.

What happens now?

An independent Panel was appointed to consider and hear submissions in response to Amendment C154. The Panel held its public hearing over a period of two days from 3 to 4 June 2013.

Once the Panel report is received, it will be put before Council to consider lodging the amendment for approval with the Minister for Planning and addressing any recommended changes made by the Panel.

The Panel Report has now been received and is available for download:

What is the process?

In order for the Framework's recommendations to be converted to land use and development controls, the Ballarat Planning Scheme now needs to be updated. A process known as a Planning Scheme Amendment will now take place to update the Ballarat Planning Scheme.

This is a lengthy process whereby the State Government must assess the land use and development controls being put forward by Council.

An important step in the Planning Scheme Amendment process is the exhibition phase. The formal public exhibition period for Amendment C154 originally took place from Friday 9 March 2012 and concluded on Monday 16 April 2012.

Re-Exhibition of the Amendment

While the amendment was originally exhibited in March, 2012, Council has since decided it best to re-exhibit to clarify the preference for electronic gaming machines (EGMs) to locate in the CBD. The proposed amendment now includes the following modifications to the planning scheme in addition to what was originally exhibited:

  • Updates the Local Planning Policy Framework in Clause 22.13 to clearly identify the preference for EGMs to located in the CBD;
  • Amends the Particular Provisions at Schedule 3 to Clause 52.28 - Gaming - to update the table by correcting the name of Stockland Shopping Centre, Wendouree and removing Ballarat Marketplace from the list of Shopping Complexes in Ballarat; and
  • Amends the Particular Provisions at Schedule 4 to Clause 52.28 Gaming to exclude the Ballarat CBD from the strip shopping prohibition.

The formal public exhibition period for Amendment C154 has now closed. The following documents were available during this time:

Amendment C154 - Re-Exhibition documents  

 Planning Scheme changes

Other information related to Amendment C154:

 What has been done so far?

The Ballarat Gaming Policy Framework has been developed in response to changes to the State Planning Policy Framework that helps councils to have greater input into where gaming machines can be located. The Framework will assist Council in managing planning permit applications for electronic gaming machines by providing the strategic justification to allow the City of Ballarat to respond to gaming as a Statutory Planning concern. The Framework does not intend to influence the total number of gaming machines in the City.

Council sought feedback from the community and interested parties regarding its new plan for managing the location of electronic gaming machines in Ballarat. The informal comment period has now finished and all submissions made to the  Framework have been processed and presented back to council. Nine submissions were received.

Council reports available for download:


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