Amendment C200 - Sebastopol Heritage Study


UPDATE December 2016:
Council received the independent Planning Panel report in September 2016 and resolved to adopt the Amendment, including all changes proposed by the Panel, in December 2016. The amendment has now been sent to the Minister for Planning for final approval. To view the Ballarat C200 Panel Report please see Documents and Downloads section below. 

About Amendment C200:

The Sebastopol Heritage Study is a detailed investigation into heritage places across the former Borough of Sebastopol. This work is represented in two reports: Sebastopol Heritage Study Stage 2 (Revised 2015) Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3 and City of Ballarat Heritage Assessments: Sebastopol (2013).

Changes to the Ballarat Planning Scheme are being proposed (Amendment C200) in order to ensure heritage places in Sebastopol are protected.

Fequently asked questions

Is my property affected by the new overlays?

You can find out whether your property is affected by the proposed heritage overlays via the maps below or download a list of affected properties.


What does Amendment C200 to the Ballarat Planning Scheme seek to do?

Amendment C200 proposes to implement the recommendations of the Sebastopol Heritage Study Stage 2 and City of Ballarat Heritage Assessments: Sebastopol and apply the Heritage Overlay (HO) to 24 individual places, 3 serial listings and 4 precincts. 5 existing listings in the schedule to the Heritage Overlay are also proposed to be updated.

The overlay is applied to places identified to have heritage significance. The overlay will trigger a planning permit requirement for development, works and subdivision.

How were the places identified?

An initial list of potential heritage places in Sebastopol was given to the heritage consultants, who then spoke with landowners, Sebastopol Historical Society members and other community members. They also undertook their own research through historical records and other sources.

The list was then refined and the consultants compiled detailed histories for each heritage place. From this, it was recommended that 24 individual places, 3 serial listings and 4 precincts be included to the Schedule to the Heritage Overlay. 5 existing listings in the Heritage Overlay are also recommended to be updated.

Why protect significant heritage places?

Heritage places are important to our community and should be protected to ensure they survive for future generations to view, understand and appreciate.

With heritage protection, Ballarat can retain its unique identity and encourage sensitive new development so that both our generation and future generations can enjoy what it is that we love about Ballarat.

What is a Heritage Overlay?

Buildings, fences, gardens, trees and many other elements of Ballarat’s history are worth conserving. A Heritage Overlay is a control applied to these important heritage elements. A heritage Overlay may protect just one element, such as a statue or a building, or a number of elements, such as a group of houses or trees in a street.

Would you like to speak to someone about this amendment?

Please contact Strategic Planning on (03) 5320 7420 or email

Where can I find out more about heritage in Ballarat?

See further information on Heritage in Ballarat vist our heritage page.


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