Ballarat Western Link Road Stage 2 – Amendment C170

UPDATE: Amendment Submitted with Minister for Planning for Approval

Council received the Independent Planning Panel report in December 2016. Council resolved to accept all recommentations by the Independant Planning Panel for amendment C170 to the Ballarat Planning Scheme and adopt amendment pursuant to section 29 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 at the Council Meeting on 8 February 2017. The amendment has now been submitted to the Minister for Planning for final approval.

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About Ballarat Western Link Road Stage 2 - Amendment C170 

The City of Ballarat has prepared Amendment C170 to the Ballarat Planning Scheme, which is on formal public exhibition from 9 June 2016 to 22 July 2016.

The Ballarat Western Link Road (BWLR) is a new 16 kilometre arterial road along the western boundary of Ballarat - from the north-west of Ballarat near the intersection of Learmonth Road and the Western Freeway, Mitchell Park to the south-east of Ballarat near the intersection of Bells Road and Midland Highway, Smythes Creek.

Early in 2010, the Council adopted the preferred alignment of the proposed road and continues to undertake planning for the entire BWLR corridor. Construction of 4.2 kilometre Stage 1 of the BWLR, between the Western Freeway, Mitchell Park and Boulevard Drive (south of Remembrance Drive), Alfredton is now well underway with expected completion in 2018.

Amendment C170 proposes to introduce a Public Acquisition Overlay (PAO) to land outside the existing road reserve for the purpose of reserving and acquiring land for Stage 2 of the Ballarat Western Link Road. Stage 2 comprises 12  kilometre of road running south of Boulevarde Drive, Alfredton crossing the Glenelg Highway and following the existing Bells Road alignment to the Midland Highway. The amendment also proposes to introduce an Incorporated Document and to amend the Specific Sites and Exclusions to provide specific controls and permit exemptions for the project.

Stage 2 of Ballarat Western Link Road between Boulevarde Drive, Alfredton and Midland Highway is to be progressively developed over the coming decades in response to the rate of urban development within the Ballarat West Growth Area and the Ballarat West Employment Zone.

The Ballarat Western Link Road will serve new developments at the Ballarat West Employment Zone and residential developments in Ballarat West and will improve safety and traffic flow, reduce congestion and enhance access for users of the transport corridor.Furthermore, the road will provide an integrated transport solution which meets the needs of Ballarat residents, commuters and freight transporters.

Amendment C170 proposed Planning Scheme changes

The amendment:

  • Inserts an Incorporated Document for the BWLR project to allow for the use and development of land for a road within the Project Area without a planning
    permit, subject to conditions. 
  • Applies the Public Acquisition Overlay to facilitate the acquisition of land.
  • Amends the following ordinances and maps:
    • Amends Maps 4PAO, 20PAO and 36 PAO of the Ballarat Planning Scheme to include the PAO4 for BWLR. 
    • Inserts Map 10PAO into the Ballarat Planning Scheme to show the PAO4 for BWLR.
    • Inserts an Incorporated Document for the BWLR into the schedules of Clause 52.03 and 81.01.  
    • Amends the Schedule to Clause 45.01 to include reference to PAO4.
    • Amends the Schedule to Clause 61.03 to include reference to Map 10PAO.

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    You can inspect the Amendment, Explanatory Report and supporting documents free of charge during office hours at the following places:

    • Ballarat City Council, 25 Armstrong Street South, Ballarat, VIC, 3350
    • Golden Plains Shire Council, 2 Pope Street, Bannockburn, VIC, 3331
    • Golden Plains Shire Council, 68 Sussex Street, Linton, VIC, 3360

    The Amendment can also be inspected free of charge at the following websites:

    Please visit the Ballarat Link Road page for material regarding the history of the project including Project Bulletins, media releases and maps.

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