Ballarat West Precinct Structure Plan


The PSP is bounded by the main roads of Dyson Drive, the Glenelg Highway and Bells Road. The area comprises approximately 1,290 hectares of future development land with 230 individual properties within three sub precincts:

  • Sub-precinct 1 - Bonshaw Creek approx. 707 hectares
  • Sub-precinct 2 - Greenhalghs Road approx. 296 hectares and;
  • Sub-precinct 3 - Carngham Road approx. 287 hectares

The anticipated future population of the Ballarat West PSP is approx. 36,000 in the next 30 years with the PSP accomodating the population by providing approx. 14,300 new houses.

Ballarat West will be a place where people can enjoy healthy, affordable and sustainable lifestyles. The community will be a vibrant and prosperous series of neighbourhoods which offer housing choice and diversity; supported by schools, community facilities and a network of passive and active open spaces catering for a range of recreational pursuits. The built form will take cues from Ballarat’s history. While each neighbourhood will form its own community with its own character, it will also be integrated into the broader city and all that it offers.

The infrastructure to be delivered in this precinct is funded by the accompanying Ballarat West Development Contributions Plan approved in 2014.


Residential DevelopmentsTop of document.

Alfredton Central Cuthberts Road, Alfredton
Alfedton Grove Ballarat Carngham Rd, Alfredton
Alluvium Ballarat Carngham Rd, Winter Valley
Ballymanus Ballarat Carngham Rd, Alfredton
Bonshaw Views Tait St, Sebastopol
Champions Ballarat Carngham Rd, Winter Valley
Florian Tait Street, Bonshaw
Michael Place Dyson Drive, Alfredton
Morgan Grange Morgan St, Sebastopol
Newmarque Smythes Rd, Delacombe
Pinnacle Glenelg Highway, Smythes Creek
Ploughmans Arms Tait St/Ross Creek Rd, Bonshaw
Winterfield Greenhalghs Road, Winter Valley
Winter Valley Rise Ballarat Carngham Rd, Winter Valley


Commercial Developments

Development of the Delacombe Town Centre has now commenced with stage 1 completed in September 2017.

Urban Design FrameworkTop of document.

  • Council resolved to adopt an Urban Design Framework to facilitate the specific development of the Ballarat West Major Activity Centre in 2015.
  • Having regard to the topography, the effective alignment of retail offer, delivery of infrastructure and vehicular/pedestrian accessibility, a revised Urban Design Framework has been developed to direct the next stages of development.
  • The revised Urban Design Framework has been subject to consultation with all effected stakeholders and minimal submissions were received, the only outstanding submission related to the nomination of the site for a second full line supermarket. It is recommended that this nomination remain for the defined commercial parcel south of Webb Road.
  • It is recommended that the Urban Design Framework in its revised form be adopted to guide future development.

Council adopted this recommendation at the Ordinary Council Meeting 22 March 2017.

Download the Urban Design Framework