Ballarat Airport


In 2007 the Ballarat Aerodrome was included on the Victorian Heritage Register.

The City of Ballarat enforces a curfew on circuit training. No flight circuit training is permitted during 11pm to 6am.

Ballarat Aerodrome is a non-towered aerodrome, hence there is no air traffic controller (ATC) tower or controlled airspace in the vicinity of the airport.

Ballarat Aerodrome has aircraft refuelling facilities available, please contact Ballarat Aero Club.

Ballarat Aerodrome’s Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) is 127.75.

Visit Civil Aviation Saefty Authority or AirServices Australia for airspace and aerodrome regulation information.

Contacts InformationTop of document.

Leasing / Tenancy enquiries:

City of Ballarat Property Manager: Daren Sadler
P: 03 5320 5500

Operational enquiries:

City of Ballarat Airport Manager: John Hartigan
P: 03 5320 5881
Mob: 0418 137 784

City of Ballarat Airport Reporting Officer: Roland Wade
Mob: 0409 869 368

Ballarat Aerodrome Advisory CommitteeTop of document.

Ballarat Aerodrome Advisory Committee (BAAC) meets every three months and ensures the following objectives are met:
  • Support the general operation of the existing Ballarat Aerodrome,
  • Ensure that the operation of the Aerodrome is supported by optimal consultation processes,
  • Ensure the Aerodrome operational procedures reflect an appropriate balance between commercial and community benefit outcomes,
  • Will act as advocates for future Aerodrome development proposals,
  • Provide advice on appropriate forms of community engagement to support proposed developments.

For further information, download the BAAC terms of reference.

HistoryTop of document.

The history of the Ballarat Aerodrome dates back to the 1930’s when aviation activities commenced on an unmade airstrip on the Ballarat West Town Common, 7km northwest of the Ballarat city centre. In 1934, a corrugated iron hangar was constructed on the site, which formalised the site as an aerodrome.  

In 1940 at the outset of World War II, the Department of Air established the RAAF No.1 Wireless Air Gunners School at the present aerodrome site. The peak strength of the school was reached in May 1942 when there were 41 officers and 1,918 airmen in residence.

When the RAAF vacated the site in 1961, the Department of Air offered the Aerodrome to the then Shire of Ballarat under the terms of the Aerodrome Local Ownership Plan. The Aerodrome became a licensed aerodrome under this plan when licence number 43 was issued to the Shire of Ballarat on 11 September 1962.

Nowadays, the Ballarat Aerodrome is owned and operated by the City of Ballarat and is an important asset to the Ballarat community.