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Environment Sustainability Strategy


The revised Environment Sustainability Strategy 2012 -2014 was adopted by Council on the 12 September 2012.

The Environment Sustainability Strategy is the City of Ballarat’s framework for a more sustainable future. Building on the foundation of the Council’s previous conservation strategies, this strategy provides a set of practical initiatives that will help deliver Council’s primary environment and sustainability commitments.

Get the full version of the Environment Sustainability Strategy 2012 – 2014

What is the Environmental Sustainability Strategy? 

The strategy provides 47 actions and initiatives that are orientated around the following themes:

  • Energy and water efficiencies
  • Waste management
  • Community engagement
  • Healthy & productive land
  • Biodiversity

What are the key directions of the Strategy

Three key directions provide a focus for Council’s sustainability program:

  • Developing a Culture of sustainability:
    • whole of council response for business excellence
    • risk assessment and management
  • Reducing our Resource Consumption and Everyday Impact
  • Energy efficiency and emission reduction
  • Water conservation
  • Waste reduction
  • Restoring and Maintaining Natural Assets
  • Protecting and enhancing biodiversity
  • Healthy and productive land, waterways and wetlands

Key issues

Some of the key issues raised by the community and Council officers were:

  • The need to develop and implement a triple bottom line management and reporting framework for Council.
  • Promote Councils sustainable initiatives and outcomes of programs.
  • Develop all new Council buildings and facilities on sustainability principle, with consideration of energy, materials, waste, water etc.
  • Prevent, minimise and offset native vegetation removal.
  • Continue implementing the Ballarat Stormwater Management Plan.
  • Establish best practice stormwater management for all new developments.
  • Establish a biodiversity protection and enhancement incentive scheme.
  • Lead by example by implementing sustainable water use practices in Council activities.
  • Provide leadership in energy conservation and emissions reduction.
  • Improve Councils waste management practices and services. 



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