Domestic Wastewater Management Plan



This plan forms part of a range of activities undertaken by Council in addressing the management of domestic wastewater within the municipal district. It serves to fulfil Councils obligations with respect to Clause 32 of the State Environment Protection Policy (Waters of Victoria) whilst outlining the priorities and strategies Council must implement in order to minimise the impact of domestic wastewater on human health and the environment. There are approximately 3683 known septic tank systems within the municipality, with over 80% of these systems being conventional absorption trench systems.

This plan achieves this by firstly ensuring the ongoing sustainable management of new systems and secondly through the identification and management of issues identified through the assessment of the current situation.

Taking into account the current regulatory environment, key Council strategies, the current wastewater situation in Ballarat and the issues identified, 5 key strategies have been developed to form the approach to the City of Ballarat Domestic Waster Management over the life of this plan.

Download the City of Ballarat Domestic Wastewater Management Plan