Unleashed fun

The new Pennyweight Dog Park provides Ballarat’s fur community with another friendly and safe space where they can enjoy mixing off lead with their friends, old and new.

Image of people and their dogs at the dog park

City of Ballarat Community Development Officer Jenny Sheriff says Pennyweight has a lovely feel.

Jenny says the fenced park features contours, dog play equipment, seating and shelter. It sits alongside a separate fenced playground and “beautiful, big gum trees”.

“It’s a hidden gem,” she says. “You can take your dog there for a play and spend hours.”

Dogs – the great connectors

City of Ballarat Animal Services Coordinator Clare Douglas-Haynes knows pets are great for social connection.

Clare says Pennyweight Dog Park has created a positive space for all residents.

“It’s not just somewhere to go for outdoor activity or to let your dog off the lead,” she says.

“It’s a great place for people to meet and create their own community.”

Community members Laura Gati and German Spitz ‘Willow’ love that it’s a community, not just a place to visit with your dog.

“It’s like a family when we go there,” Laura says.

“It’s somewhere to go on a daily basis to have a chat while our fur children play together.

“At the end of the day it’s all about the pups and making sure they’re happy!”

When she first heard about the park, Laura started the Ballarat East Dog Park Facebook group.

She says it’s a great way for people to arrange to meet up or just stay connected.

“I’m proud of all of us for working and communicating with each other so well.”

Coffee vans and dog parks are a combination sure to appeal to many and the group also shares information about when the mobile dog cafe will visit.

For the community, by the community

Jenny says Pennyweight is a great example of the City of Ballarat listening to and working with the community to achieve what they want – a great outcome in their neighbourhood.

“It came out of the community consultation that took place when developing the Ballarat East Local Area Plan and was funded and implemented through the Ballarat East Engaging Communities Program.

“Doing community engagement, we hear from residents all the time that it’s the small things that are really important to them.

“There’s a huge call for fenced off-lead areas. So many people tell us it’s all about their fur babies.”

Jenny says that while Pennyweight is funded by the City of Ballarat, the community is now activating it.

“It’s great to see the community taking it over.”

We’re here to help

Clare knows how much pets can add to people’s lives. Clare and her team are trained in animal behaviour and education and she wants people to know they can reach out if they need support for issues, such as pet aggression and separation anxiety.

For more information, contact the City of Ballarat’s Animal Management team on 5334 2075.

Our off-leash dog areas

The City of Ballarat has 10 off-leash dog areas:

  1. Wendouree Dog Park, Wendouree
  2. Pioneer Park, Wendouree
  3. Cuthberts Road, Alfredton
  4. Victoria Park, Newington
  5. Gregory Street, Soldiers Hill
  6. Chisholm Street, Soldiers Hill
  7. Birdwood Park, Buninyong
  8. Sebastopol Dog Park
  9. Canadian Lakes Reserve, Canadian
  10. Pennyweight Dog Park.

A new fenced dog park is being considered for Buninyong.

Locations labelled ‘Dog Park’ are fenced and may include drinking water, dog play equipment, seating and shelter.

Please bring your own water and dog poop bags and supervise your dog within the
park at all times.

Meet and greet sessions

City of Ballarat Animal Management Officers can provide sessions at our dog parks to support community members experiencing dog behaviour issues at dog parks.

Want to attend a session?

Call the Ballarat Animal Shelter on 5334 2075.

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