Shining the light on energy efficiency

Ballarat’s streetlighting is receiving a major upgrade with 6,750 lights being replaced by energy efficient LEDs along our smaller residential roads.

Peter Bate and Quenton Gay with one of the new LED lights

The LED technology offers superior performance and life expectancy and will deliver significant cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

Under this City of Ballarat-funded program, works are underway in residential streets across the city and will take about six months to complete.

Transitioning to a carbon neutral future

The initiative is a flagship action of the City of Ballarat’s Carbon Neutrality and 100% Renewables Action Plan and aligns with our strategic commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change.

City of Ballarat Waste, Water and Energy Officer Quenton Gay says councils have a critical role to play in leading by example and taking action locally to achieve the best sustainability practices.

“We’re continuously exploring ways to improve our operations to reduce our energy use and meet community expectations,” he says.

“The new LED streetlights will significantly reduce our carbon emissions.

“The City of Ballarat is also looking at bulk buying renewable energy that will lead to further greenhouse gas emissions reductions.”

A win for the environment

City of Ballarat Design and Drainage Coordinator Peter Bate says looking for more energy efficient ways to do things to reduce our environmental footprint is a high priority.

“The new 17 watt LEDs are about 80 per cent more efficient than the old 80 watt mercury vapour lights which account for 95 per cent of the lights to be replaced,” Peter says.

“This means significant energy and cost savings.

“Replacing them also takes mercury out of the supply chain – an extra win for the environment.”

Safer roads for cyclists and drivers

Quenton says the new lights will improve compliance with Australian road safety standards and address community safety issues in line with the City of Ballarat’s strategic objectives.

“Drivers and cyclists will notice a greater evenness of light across and along streets and a reduction in lighting gaps across the city.”

Peter says the City of Ballarat’s significantly lower energy bills together with savings achieved through lower maintenance and replacement costs is a great outcome for Ballarat residents.

“The money that we save through operational efficiency can be used for future additional retrofits of street lighting to LED and other projects in the community.”

The works

The City of Ballarat will notify you when Powercor work teams are coming to your street. There will be no interruption to power supply and very limited disruption to traffic. 

Works will typically take place between 8am and 4pm with works taking about five minutes per light.

Better lighting outcomes

  • better uniformity of light across and along streets
  • less light spilling onto neighbouring properties
  • less light pollution into the atmosphere
  • better colour rendering and visibility
  • more reliable lighting
  • less depreciation of light output over time
  • brighter lights to keep our streets safer

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6,750: The number of streetlights being retrofitted with LED on our minor roads.

80%: How much more energy efficient the new 17 watt LEDs are compared to the existing bulbs.

20: The number of years of life expectancy for the LED lights compared to a four-year changing cycle for existing bulbs.

6: The number of years for a return on our investment.

$9.8 million: The estimated savings for the City of Ballarat over 20 years.

2,000: The number of tonnes we will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by each year - equivalent to lighting 3,500 homes.