Burning off

Burning dry grass

Fire restrictions

The Country Fire Authority (CFA) declares Fire Danger Periods and Total Fire Bans. Confirm restrictions by visiting CFA warning and restrictions.

Ballarat’s 2020-21 Fire Danger Period has been declared by the CFA and will start on Monday 14 December 2020 and will end on Tuesday 6 April 2021.

Can I burn-off inside a Fire Danger Period?

Permits to Burn cannot be issued during Fire Danger Periods unless it is for broad-acre burning of stubble and grass for farming purposes. For more details, call the City of Ballarat's Fire Prevention Officer on 5320 5500.

Burning off outside the Fire Danger Period

You need a permit to burn material in Ballarat outside of the fire danger period.

Visit eServices to apply for a local law permit to burn. Please allow a minimum of two days for your permit application to be assessed and processed.

If you have a green waste collection, you will not be able to burn off.

Burning commercial or industrial waste is not permitted.
Read how to burn off safely for details.

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