LED Streetlight Replacement Project

The City of Ballarat is currently undertaking an LED bulk replacement of remaining non-LED street lights on minor roads across the municipality. The new LED lights perform better, last longer and are significantly more efficient than the existing lights.

Project Officers holding LED light

Project Overview

Ballarat’s streetlighting is receiving a major upgrade with 6,750 lights being replaced by energy efficient LEDs along our smaller residential roads.

The LED technology offers superior performance and life expectancy and will deliver significant cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

Under this City of Ballarat-funded program, works are underway in residential streets across the city and will take about six months to complete.

The initiative is a flagship action of the City of Ballarat’s Carbon Neutrality and 100% Renewables Action Plan and aligns with our strategic commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change.

By the numbers:

  • 6,750: The number of streetlights being retrofitted with LED on our minor roads.
  • 80%: How much more energy efficient the new 17 watt LEDs are compared to the existing bulbs.
  • 20: The number of years of life expectancy for the LED lights compared to a four-year changing cycle for existing bulbs.
  • 6: The number of years for a return on our investment.
  • $9.8 million: The estimated savings for the City of Ballarat over 20 years.
  • 2,000: The number of tonnes we will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by each year - equivalent to lighting 3,500 homes.

Project Progress

  • Tuesday 1 June - Rollout Commences
    • Residents around Ballarat will begin to see workers from Powercor/Lendlease in their streets replacing lightbulbs.
  • Wednesday 9 June - Project Progress Update
    • 210 lights complete (2.5% of program) 6,695 remaining
  • Monday 12 July - Project Progress Update
    • 983 lights complete (14% of program) 5,922 remaining
  • Thursday 12 August - Project Progress Update
    • 1,805 lights complete (26% of program) 5,101 remaining
  • Tuesday 19 October - Project Progress Update
    • 3,520 lights complete (50.97% of program) 3,386 remaining
  • Tuesday 23 November - Project Progress Update
    • 5,053 lights complete (73% of program) 1,853 remaining
  • Monday 7 February 2022 - Project Complete
    • All non-LED lights in minor residential streets are operating with new LED lights, saving the City of Ballarat and the Ballarat Community money and greenhouse gas emissions. 



More information

Download the Frequently Asked Questions Document

For project related enquiries contact City of Ballarat

 For service related enquiries like reporting of faults please refer to Powercor