Lake Wendouree Protocols

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On the land

Car Parking

Vehicles are only permitted to be within the roadways and constructed car parking bays around the lake. Vehicles will only be allowed on the foreshore and grassed area of the reserve with a permit.
Special arrangements will be made in relation to events conducted under issued permit conditions.


Lake Wendouree is stocked yearly with Brown and Rainbow Trout by the State Government and the Ballarat Trout Hatchery. To fish at the lake, you are required to hold a fishing licence. You can get a Victorian fishing licence from the Victorian Fisheries Authority.

Please ensure that you remove any hooks and lines after your fishing activities.


Swans, ducks and waterbirds

These are protected native species. We ask visitors are asked not to feed water birds as it can make them sick, develop aggressive behaviour and reduce their capacity to seek their natural food.


Consuming Alcohol

Consumption and possession of liquor between 10pm and 6am is prohibited. You must not consume liquor or have in your control any liquor other than in a sealed container.

However, this does not apply if you are attending a festival or special event where the City of Ballarat has granted a permit. The lake is an alcohol-free zone on 26 January.


Organising an event

All events around Lake Wendouree need an event permit.


Tents and Marquees

Temporary structures like tents and marquees may only be erected with a permit form the City of Ballarat.


Use of Rotundas and BBQ Facilities

The City of Ballarat generally does not provide exclusive use of the barbecues and rotundas, and expects that they will be used as shared facilities for all visitors. Exceptions are made where specific events are conducted under permits by City of Ballarat.



All pathways around Lake Wendouree are shared between bicycles and pedestrians.


On the water

Powered Boats

Boat ramps are located at:

  • Forest Street
  • St Patrick’s Point
  • Mair Street (Ballarat Yacht Club Precinct)
  • Durham Point

You will find a limited number of trailer parking bays at these sites. Additional trailers should be parked within the parking areas on Wendouree Parade after launching.

All powered boats must adhere to a 5-knot speed limit. Exemptions apply only to boats actively coaching rowing crews.

All Transport Victoria maritime regulations (schedule 42) apply to Lake Wendouree.

All boat operators must hold a Transport Victoria Maritime Safety licence.


Canoes, Kayaks and Sail Boards

These can be launched from the water’s edge, jetties and moorings around the foreshore, however vehicle access is restricted to the roadways and constructed car parking bays provided.
As the whole of the lake surface is shared use, please give way to other vessels and also be aware of other hazards such as fishing lines and rowing course infrastructure. Personal flotation devices must be worn at all times.



Lake Wendouree is suitable for sailing activities.



Swimming is not recommended on Lake Wendouree due to the many hazards present. Organised triathlons and swimming events are allowed under City of Ballarat permit conditions.


Rowing Regattas

Read more about a Declaration of Boating Activity Exemption for Rowing Victoria Regattas. 


Lake Wendouree rowing training traffic rules:

Lake Wendouree Rowing Rules


Traffic flow

A 30m break in the buoy line at approximately 250m and 1750m (established for commercial boat crossing) as indicated by yellow channel markers are the ONLY official course crossing zones for crews wanting to row the circular pattern. (Distance training).