Sturt Street Shared Path

We are upgrading Sturt Street to be more useful for pedestrians and cycling. Improving the safety of our city centre.

Artist rendering of Sturt Street Shared Path near Lydiard

Project Overview

We are working with the Victorian State Government to make Sturt Street safer and more usable for pedestrians and cyclists.  

Current intersections are too wide for comfortable pedestrian crossing time and new safety features are needed for cycling.  

An on-street cycle lane is being built on the south side of the centre median to join the Shared Path completed by the Department of Transport. The cycle lane is next to the road and separated from the median by a raised buffer strip. 

See more a bout the State Government's works on the Regional Roads Victoria website.

Extended footpaths at crossings, called nibbings, will be constructed at the intersections of Dawson Street, Doveton Street, Armstrong Street and Lydiard Street to shorten the crossing distance for pedestrians.  

New traffic lights and pedestrian signals will be installed in the median to allow pedestrians and cyclists to cross safely at these intersections. 

More street trees will be planted to improve Ballarat's canopy cover and there will be a new asphalt overlay and line marking for the path.  

The new shared path will connect to the upgraded Bridge Mall and Grenville Street cycle paths in future years, tying together our CBD and securing new avenues for travel for locals and visitors. 

The Department of Transport is funding the pedestrian safety upgrades as part of the Federal Government Black Spot Program and are also funding the shared cycle path as part of the Ballarat Connections Program. 

The City of Ballarat is funding the new street trees and asphalt overlay upgrade.  

The total project cost from both levels of government is $3.7M.  

The design for Sturt Street began in 2019 in collaboration with the Department of Transport community stakeholder group consisting of: 

  • Victoria Police 
  • Local Cycling Groups 
  • Ballarat Hospital 
  • Heritage Victoria 
  • Local Traders Group 

Further collaboration with the traders was undertaken in 2021 by the City of Ballarat Business Engagement Team. 

Project Timeline

February to March 2022 

Project construction underway – Section between Dawson Street and Doveton Street 

March to April 2022 

Section between Doveton Street and Armstrong Street 

May to June 2022 

Section between Armstrong Street and Lydiard Street 

June to July 2022 

Final section between Lydiard Street and Grenville Street 

July 2022 

Night works for final asphalt overlay and line marking.  Project completion end of July 2022.