Indigenous Plants

The forests, grasslands and wetlands around Ballarat are home to many beautiful and important indigenous plants. Locally native plants can be a real asset to your garden, providing colour, movement and texture, supporting populations of native butterflies, birds and other wildlife and requiring little maintenance once established. Why not consider growing some of them in your garden?

Acknowledgements: The information contained in these guides is based on the practical experience of growing and observing these indigenous plants in gardens in and around Ballarat. Text by Stephanie Davison and Peter Lambert. Photos by Stephanie Davison unless otherwise stated. Thanks to the following people for sharing information and advice; Roger Thomas, John Gregurke, Dr Grant Palmer, Matt Pywell and Jenny Ryle. Indigenous Plants for Ballarat Gardens is a joint project of Federation University Faculty of Science and Technology and City of Ballarat. Botanical names and taxonomy are based on the Australian Plant Name Index.

For further information about indigenous flora and fauna of the Ballarat district contact School of Health and Life Science at Federation University.