Outdoor Dining and Footpath Trading

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Outdoor Dining and Footpath Trading

Outdoor dining and footpath trading relates to the use of a footpath by businesses for commercial activities, including outdoor dining, sale of goods or advertising.

Footpath trading adds life to our city's streets, however we must ensure our public spaces remain safe and accessible.

How do I apply for a permit?

Read the Outdoor Dining and Trading Policy and pre-application checklist.

Submit an Outdoor Dining and Trading Permit application with the following:

  1. A site plan
  2. Photographs of the outdoor area and any proposed furniture or advertising
  3. Certificate of Currency of appropriate public liability insurance.
    At least $20 million coverage that extends to all proposed footpath activity.
  4. A signed Form of Indemnity
  5. A copy of your current Liquor Licence which extends to the footpath if applicable
  6. Submit the application to our Customer Service Team.

We will notify you of the outcome of your application.
Upon receipt of the application, we will email a schedule of fees for payment.


Things to note

Public liability insurance must be kept current and a copy of a Certificate of Currency submitted annually.

Permits are not transferable. You will need to submit a new application if there is a Change of Licensee and/or Trading Name.


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