Health Inspections

Owners have a responsibility to maintain a clean and sanitary business. Our Environmental Health team inspects and monitors public health concerns to ensure Ballarat businesses follow legislation.

Two people conducting a health inspection

How can I make a complaint?

Call our Environmental Health team on 5320 5500 to make a complaint about conditions of food, health and accommodation premises or food safety and suitability.

What is our role in tobacco prevention?

We enforce smoking bans following tobacco reforms. Making sure enclosed workplaces such as local eateries, licensed premises, children's playgrounds and gaming venues remain smoke-free.

Someone is smoking in a smoke-free area, what should I do?

Inform the manager of the premises or call 5320 5500 to report the incident to us.

After receiving a complaint, one of our officers will visit the premises to educate the owner of the Victorian Tobacco Laws

Tobacco test purchasing program

Our officers test Ballarat tobacco retailers to identify and enforce offences about the sale of cigarettes to minors. Non-compliance may result in fines or prosecution.

We are bound by statutory duties to monitor and inspect registrable and licensed businesses and premises under:

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