Ready, Set, Grow! Business Program

Our community told us that the future of Ballarat is based on a strong circular economy through the Ballarat Prosperity Framework consultation. 

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About Ready, Set, Grow! Circular Economy Business Growth Program

We see out future as a carbon neutral city and a leader in renewable energy systems, with thriving collaboration across industries, systems and business models to secure our future sustainability and protect our planet. A circular economy is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution and keeping products and materials in use, thereby regenerating natural systems. 

What is the value to my business by being involved?

There is increasing need for organisations to incorporate circular economy principles into their operations, which will

  • promote efficient resource use
  • improve profitability
  • reduce your environmental impact 
  • benefit our community, economy, and businesses across our city
  • connect with other business leaders to collaborate and share ideas

What’s involved?

Hosted by Runway Ballarat and working in partnership with Circular Economy Victoria (CEV), this subsidised program will help participants look at their operations with a circular economy in mind and identify circular opportunities. 

These opportunities will help increase your business profitability while reducing environmental impact. 

Get READY and Get SET is delivered in small groups of approximately 10 people. The program will be un online blended with live sessions. If needed, we have flexibility to run the live sessions via online and/or in person. 

To make improvements for your business, the program will focus on:

  • reviewing your own business model
  • assessing your supply chains 
  • potential circular market opportunities  
  • considering how you currently operate 
  • what goods you use and need
  • how you’re satisfying your consumer demand 
  • shared and focused learning within a small community of practice
  • an internal and external analysis of your business using tried and tested tools and frameworks
  • a deep dive on customer personas and journey mapping to identify a pathway for a minimum viable product.

The program is broken into the following components

1. Get Ready 

In the program, you will:

  • Achieve high growth potential by validating, testing and refining your circular economy opportunity by building it into your business model.
  • Understand on your circular economy challenges and opportunities and their impact on your business.
  • Undertake preliminary thinking on your position to be able to address these challenges.

2. Get Set

Validate, test and refine your circular economy opportunity and build it into your business model to achieve your high growth potential. You will:

  • Document the essentials for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with enough features to be usable by early customers who can use and provide feedback for future product development.
  • Create a framework for the development and testing of a circular economy MVP in the real world!

3. Grow!

Implement your new business model to activate your circular economy growth plans with support from Runway’s global network. 

This part will be yours to fund, profit and benefit from!

Key dates

Applications open on 7 February 2022

Applications close on 25 February 2022

Get Ready Program:

  • February 28,
  • March 2, 4, 8, 10

Get Set Program:

  • March 28, 30
  • April 1

All zoom session times will run from 10am to 12pm on the dates above

Registrations for this program are now closed

Is there is a cost?

You will need to make a co-contribution of $300 to be part of the Business Growth Program after attending the launch. 

This program is heavily subsidised by the City of Ballarat.

More information

Contact the City of Ballarat Economic Development team on 5320 5500 or

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