Be Kind to Yourself

These are unprecedented times, and they are tough ones. Let's band together as a community and show a little kindness. 

Be kind to yourself

Tough times like these can really play havoc with our mental health. 

Beyond Blue recognises and understands the feelings of anxiety, distress and concern many of us are experiencing in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To access Beyond Blue's free 24-hour counselling service, call 1300 22 4636 or visit 

How to be kind to yourself

Get outside for some gardening

Why not get outside and enjoy the the fresh air. Listen to music, enjoy a Netflix binge - anything that makes you smile!

  • Head outside and tend to your garden or play with your kids
  • Listen to music or read a book
  • Dance like nobody’s watching
  • Consciously un-couple with the news to avoid crisis overload
  • Kick back with a Netflix binge – and a tub of ice cream from a local business!
  • Start a daily journal as a way to debrief and de-stress
  • Do whatever it is that makes you happy!

While you're at home - there's still plenty to enjoy!

Read a book

From settling in with a good book to virtual coffee dates with friends, or from learning something new, to family projects and virtual museum tours, there's plenty you can enjoy.

Click here to see our regularly updated list of suggestions!

Compassionate Ballarat Webinar Series

Compassionate Ballarat has partnered with Federation University Australia to deliver a new series of weekly webinars to help guide us through the COVID-19 outbreak.

Every Wednesday between 11.30am and 12pm, the webinars will feature leading Ballarat experts discussing a range of supportive topics.

Join the webinar by visiting

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