Residents in Ballarat need to always be aware of the potential danger of coming across a snake, particularly in the summer months.

Snakes thrive in warm weather and are most active on warm nights, particularly during October to April. They are often found in bushy areas around creeks and in backyards near these creeks, usually in search of water, food and a place to hide.

Snakes normally avoid people, but if they are disturbed or feel threatened, they may bite and are highly venomous.

Snakes are a protected speciesTop of document.

Although we all need to be extremely careful around snakes, they are an important part of our environment and are a protected species under state law.

Most snake bites are a result of people trying to catch or kill snakes. Avoiding areas where snakes live and making sure that children respect and understand snakes can reduce risk.

What to do if you see a snakeTop of document.

Snakes found on my property

We will not remove snakes from private property.

  • If you discover a snake on your property you will need to contact a professional snake handler to remove the snake.
  • To discourage snakes from entering your property, keep your grass short and your garden well maintained and free from rubbish.

If you are bitten by a snake, the Victorian Poisons Information Centre advises not to wash the bite as traces of venom can be used to identify the snake and the anti-venom required. Apply a firm bandage to the bitten area, keep still and call 000 for an ambulance.