How Council is Helping


How Council is Helping

Council is taking a number of measures to protect biodiversity through its own operations, as well as developing guidelines and regulations to ensure biodiversity protection as the the municipality develops and population increases.  Council has developed a number of strategies and plans which are being implemented to protect the biodiversity.  For example:

Koala Management Plan

KoalaThe City of Ballarat is the first Council in Victoria to work together with the Australian Koala Foundation to produce a Koala Plan of Management (KPoM) for the municipality.  The Plan aims to ensure the Koalas of Ballarat can still find food, travel around in their home ranges and produce young even as the population of Ballarat increases.  One of the ways this can be done is by introducing new policies in the planning scheme.

The planning policy (or overlay) that relates to the KPoM is called the "Schedule 5 to the Environmental Significance overlay or ES05". The most important koala feed trees in the Ballarat area are the Manna Gum (Eucalyptus viminalia) and the Messmate Stringybark (E. obliqua).  The preservation of these species will support the maintenance of koalas in Ballarat.

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