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Heritage Studies

How is significance assessed?

Heritage assessments are generally carried out by qualified and experienced professionals following the principles outlined in the Burra Charter.  Assessment reports usually include a history and description of the site, an assessment of the condition and integrity of the place, and a comparative analysis to substantiate the significance of the place. The Statement of Significance generally identifies 'what' is historically important and 'why' it is important.

A thematic history has been carried out for the City of Ballarat. Statements of Significance need to relate to the eras of development outlined within the thematic history. Most heritage places are identified by Council during the process of carrying out a municipal heritage study. During the initial stages of the heritage study, the community is normally encouraged to nominate sites and places of potential historic significance. Nominated places then undergo a heritage assessment in order to determine whether or not the place is significant and warrants heritage protection at either a state or local level.

Heritage Studies for Ballarat

To date a number of heritage studies have been undertaken for urban Ballarat. These studies include:

 Other Heritage related studies

 Heritage Projects