What happens to your garbage?

Garbage collected from Ballarat's households is transported to the regional landfill at Smythesdale.  The regional landfill is managed according to EPA regulation which ensures that the landfill only accepts waste that will not endanger the health of the community or the environment.

Daily management of waste going into the landfill is also undertaken according to regulation to keep the odour, noise, litter and vermin that are normally associated with a landfill at an acceptable level.

Ballarat residents currently send 16,831 tonnes of kerbside waste to landfill per year - 441kg per household.  We divert 29% of waste produced into recycling and Council has a target to divert 65% of waste from landfill by 2014.

The Smythesdale Landfill is not open to the public and (except for the deposit of wrapped and sealed asbestos) is accessible only to Council and contractors.  Domestic hard waste can be delivered to the Gillies Street Transfer Station.

Gillies St Transfer Station

Transfer stations are designed to maximise the diversion of waste from landfill by separating materials into those which can be reused or recycled before transferring what is left to landfill.  Much of what is diverted can be deposited at no charge, such as batteries, waste engine oil and scrap steel.  Other materials are less lucrative, such as car tyres and a fee is charged to cover the costs.

Council's Transfer Station is one of several places in Ballarat where materials can be taken to be recycled.  A list of what can be recycled and where and cost can be found here, or a hard copy can be obtained from the phoenix Building in Armstrong Street South.


Address:  Gillies Street Sth Ballarat (Opposite Victoria Park)
Phone:  (03) 5334 2621
Opening Hours:  Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm
Closed Christmas Day, New Years Day, Anzac Day and Good Friday.

Transfer Station 1Transfer Station 2

Transfer Station 3Transfer Station 4

Car tyres, scrap steel, electronic waste and timber are examples of material that can be recycled through the Gillies Street Transfer Station.