The Environmental Protection Act 1970prohibits the depositing of litter in the environment and also the distribution of material that may become litter, such as flyer's under windscreen wipers.  Litter is visually offensive, can be dangerous to humans and wildlife and damaging to the environment.

Frequently littered items include cigarette butts, PET bottles, fast food wrappers, chewing gum, plastic chip and confectionery bags, plastic bags, paper, glass alcoholic beverage bottles and polystyrene.

Littering also includes:Litter

  • Silt washed into drains from building sites
  • Dog poo
  • Illegal dumping
  • ATM litter
  • Illegal bill posting
  • Fishing litter
  • Charity bin dumping


Report Litterers.  The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) of Victoria operates a Litter Report Line which allows citizens to report littering from cars.  Littering can be reported by phone, online or through the post using a Litter Report form. 

More information can be found in the EPA website or ring the EPA Litter Hotline on 1800 35 25 55.

Fines for littering from a motor vehicle are up to $234 for an infringement notice or a maximum of $4,673 in court.

Litter 2Illegal Dumping.  People sometimes think that dumping garden waste in the bush is harmless, but, in fact, garden waste often carries weed seeds and exotic plants that can "escape" in bushland and aggressively compete with less vigorous native plants.  Blackberry is an example of an invasive weed.


Dumping of garden and other household waste in public places is a form of littering ans subject to penalties. 

Report rubbish dumping to council.

Cigarette Butt Litter.  Cigarette butts are the most littered item in Australia, making up 58% of all items littered.  Our region's susceptibility to bushfires is all the more reason for the community to hold no tolerance for dropped butts.  Cigarette butts thrown from cars should be reported to the EPA Litter Hotline on 1800 35 25 55 or through the EPA website.

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