The landfill site is located on the Glenelg Highway approximately 2km north of the Smythesdale township.

Please note: The landfill is not open to the public.

 Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 7.00am to 4.30pm
Saturdays: 9.00am to 3.00pm
Public holidays: 9.00am to 3.00pm (except Christmas Day, New Years Day and Good Friday)

Contact : The Twigg Group P: +61 3 53428 540

Public users should use the Transfer Station. The landfill is primarily used for industrial use.

About the Landfill

The landfill is a regional landfill with adjoining Councils Golden Plains and Pyrenees Shire Councils already bringing their waste to the landfill. Hepburn and Central Goldfields Shire Councils are soon to bring their waste to this landfill also.

Approximately 65,000 tonnes of waste is taken to the landfill annually. This comprises of 18,000 tonnes from the City of Ballarat kerbside garbage bin collections with the remainder being apportioned on a 70:30 basis of commercial/industrial to construction and demolition waste. Other councils contribute approximately 3,600 tonnes annually from their kerbside garbage collections.

The landfill is one of Councils larger assets.

More than $2.5 million in capital works was initially spent in the development of the site.
The site has been operating successfully since its opening on 8 January 1996 with good reports being received from EPAs random inspections. The site is operated under contract management and monitored under stringent licence conditions with a formal Monitoring Committee meeting annually.

The landfill is constructed to modern day standards. Each cell is constructed with a one metre thick clay liner on its base and its sides. Each liner is further constructed with a layer of bentonite to ensure its non permeability.
The site is open to commercial vehicles only. Domestic vehicles are all diverted to two transfer stations within Ballarat.

The site is licensed to accept low level contaminated waste.

In January 2005, completed signed landfill gas management contract documents were exchanged forming an agreement between the City of Ballarat and Landfill Management Systems Pty Ltd (LMS) for the management of landfill gas at Councils two landfills being at Smythesdale and Mt Clear. The agreement finalizes three years of testing, planning and following an expression of interest process. Currently, at the Smythesdale site, approximately 340 cubic metres per hour of methane gas is being flared off rather than being allowed to enter the atmosphere. The composition of the gases being extracted are 48% methane, 40% carbon dioxide and the remainder being nitrogen and other trace gases.

Under the agreement LMS will invest $2.4 million in infrastructure which will enable methane gas emissions from the Citys two landfills to be harnessed, burned and converted into useable carbon dioxide. At the Smythesdale site the company is expecting to use the gas to drive a generator which will put electricity back into the grid system.

Reducing methane emissions is one of the most effective ways of reducing greenhouse gases and global warming in the near term. One way to destroy these emissions is to collect and burn them. Flaring methane converts the methane gas to carbon dioxide (CO2). While CO2 is also a greenhouse gas, it is less destructive than methane. Methane has 21 times the global warming potential of CO2, therefore in the short term and in the case of landfills, it is better to have CO2 going into the atmosphere than methane. 


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