Kerbside Bins



Kerbside bin enquiries should be directed to the Customer Service on 03 5320 5500 or use the E-Service Request Form.

Changes to waste collection over the 2018 holiday period:

Changes will occur to collections over the holiday period, for both the week of Christmas and the following week.

Monday waste collection will remain the same and other days will occur one day later than your current collection.

Bin SupplyTop of document.

As part of the waste collection service, the City of Ballarat supply garbage and recycling bins to the ratepayer or property.

The bins are stamped with the City of Ballarat logo and are available in 140Litre with a red lid for General Waste and 240Litre with a yellow lid for Recycling, light green lid for Green Waste.

We do not deliver bins to your property unless it is occupied to reduce the occurrence of bins being stolen.

Any City of Ballarat provided bin should remain at the property for the next occupant.

Repair or ReplacementTop of document.

As part of the waste collection service, the City of Ballarat will repair or replace damaged bins free. It's recommended you do not make temporary repairs to bins.

You will need to tell us:

  • Your name
  • Your address and contact number
  • What type or size of bin needs to be repaired? (General waste, Green Waste, Recycling)
  • What part of the bin is damaged? , Wheel(s), Lid, Handle, Pin/s Axles, Join
  • Degree of Damage? (Is Bin unusable?)

Depending on the condition, bin replacements can take up to three working days and repairs up to ten.

You can continue to use the bin while it is awaiting repair or replacement.

The City of Ballarat will remove and reuse or recycle unwanted or damaged bins.