Chemical Waste



Detox your home is a safe, free and easy-to-use service to dispose of highly toxic, unwanted household chemicals such as solvents, poisons and cleaning products. The Ballarat Transfer Station is a Permanent Drop-off Site.

Find out what Items are Accepted at Detox your home sites.


About to Move Chemicals?

Read through the Safe Handling of Toxic Chemicals.


Detox your Home is Coming to Ballarat

Location: Transfer Station, Gillies Street South
Date: Saturday 4 August 2018
Time: 10am to 12pm
Visit Detox Your Home Event for more details.

Drum Muster ProgramTop of document.

You can deliver unwanted and empty farm chemical containers and drums for recycling at the transfer station. Please deliver drums triple rinsed, clean and dry, punctured if they're metal, and with all lids removed. Note:containers with dirt, rust and dye stains are accepted at the drum muster. See drumMUSTER for more details.



Old agricultural chemicals and non-household chemicals can be disposed of through the ChemClear program.  Register the chemical on ChemClear or phone freecall 1800 008 182.  Once registered, you will be included in the next periodic collection.  Cost may apply depending on the chemical.

Are there alternative options?

Ballarat has a number of specialist commercial recycling facilities that will accept product such as garden waste, timber, building rubble, concrete and bricks. These specialist recyclers are listed in the local Yellow Pages.