Autumn Leaf Collection


More than half of Ballarat's street trees (over 16,000) are deciduous which means that the collection of autumn leaves becomes a significant task over the late Autumn and Winter months. City of Ballarat staff collect leaf litter on a street by street basis as well as responding to individual enquires.

  • sweep leaves from gutters and footpaths into small piles and place them on the nature strip or kerbside. Arrange for the piles to be collected by calling Customer Service on 03 5320 5500 or submit a leaf collection request using the Online Form.  
  • compost and mulch the leaves from your property - if you don't have composting facilities, store leaves in large plastic bags with handfuls of blood and bone meal, and dampen with water for future use
  • if you have a lot of Plane Tree leaves, go over them with a mower with a catcher attached to create some mulch as these leaves do not compost well
  • leaves can be taken to the Gillies Street Transfer Station.


  • please don't put leaves in the garbage bin
  • please don't burn leaves, you could risk a fine of up to $500.00.

Greenwaste and FoodwasteTop of document.

Greenwaste and food waste can make up to 50% of the garbage being sent to landfill.  When this material decomposes in landfill, it produces the greenhouse gas, methane. 

To keep greenwaste out of landfill, consider your options :

Greenwaste CollectionTop of document.

A kerbside green waste collection service is available to all residents on a user pays basis. This service is available from SITA Environmental Solutions  -phone 03 5339 1970 

Green waste is collected from 240lt bins which customers must provide to dispose of unwanted weeds, lawn clippings, garden prunings and other approved organic matter.

Cost is $ 55.20 which covers you for six (6) consecutive collections.

 One-off collection is $10.

Your green waste collection will occur on the alternate week to your recycling collection day.