Street Trees


Street Tree Planting

Council has a duty of care to take reasonable steps to minimise the risk of damage or injury caused by falling branches and the like. 

Councils Program
The City of Ballarat conducts an annual street tree planting program. Residents only have to contact the Parks and Gardens section and one of our arborists will arrange a visit to determine suitable species and planting locations. The trees will then be planted during the next planting season, May through September. Council asks is that residents take some responsibility to water and care for the trees in addition to the watering program.

Can residents plant their own trees?
Under Councils Local Law No.5, permission must be obtained to undertake any planting or landscaping within the road reserve. Generally all that is required is to arrange an inspection with one of our arborists who will provide guidance on what is allowed in that particular area. Street landscaping that has not been approved often needs to be removed for safety reasons.

What types of trees can be planted?
Ballarat is defined into 'landscape character' areas. These determine if the street trees should be exotic, native or indigenous. In some areas they can be a mix. As a general rule no more than two species of trees are used in each street. Garden or shrub type plantings are not recommended.

Pests & Diseases

Ballarat is very lucky as we have very few serious tree pests or diseases. However, we do have Elm Leaf Beetle in Ballarat which is a serious threat to our elm trees. Control programs are conducted each year. Your assistance is vital to help us keep this pest under control. Please contact us immediately if you sight this beetle or its larvae (grubs).

Tree RemovalTop of document.

Can anyone remove a street tree?
No. Under Councils Local Law No.5, a permit is required to remove a street tree. If you think a street tree needs to be removed please contact Councils Parks and Gardens section. Street trees are only removed if they are becoming dangerous or are classed as an unsuitable species. It is Council policy to consult with residents prior to removing any street trees.

Can I remove a tree in my own property?
This depends upon where you live and the type of tree. There is a variety of state and local controls on the removal and pruning of vegetation. Please contact Council for more details. Substantial penalties and legal action can result.

Pruning and MaintenanceTop of document.

The City of Ballarat employs a team of qualified and experienced arborists to ensure the correct decisions are made for the short and long term benefit of our community.

Council is responsible for maintaining trees within your street and public parkland and has a duty of care to take reasonable steps to minimise the risk of damage or injury caused by falling branches and the like. 

Under Local Law No. 15 (as amended by Local Law No. 17) a permit is required to prune any street tree so if you have any tree concerns please contact the Parks and Garden section and speak to one of our arborists.

To find more information on general tree care visit the International Society of Arboriculture website.


Electric Line ClearanceTop of document.

The responsibility for keeping trees clear of overhead electrical lines is shared between Council and the distribution company (Powercor). The City of Ballarat is responsible for pruning streets trees within the main urban area but not in rural areas or private trees.

More information can be obtained on the Energy Safe Victoria website.