Hoon Hotline

Members of the public can report hoon activity to police by telephoning Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. (Callers to Crime Stoppers do not have to give their name)

The City of Ballarat is a partner in the RoadSafe Community Road Safety Council fr Central Highlands which also includes representation from the Central Goldfields, Ararat, Pyrenees, Hepburn and Moorabool municipalities as on of 24 RoadSafe Community Road Safety Councils throughout Victoria.

Additional to Local Government membership, the council includes representatives from emergency services, VicRoads, community organisations and interested individuals.

The role of the council is to develop local community road safety initiatives that support State and Local Government Programs, targeting issues such as drink driving, speed, fatigue, older & young drivers, pedestrians and bicycle safety.

Initiatives include education sessions and road safety promotion through media, sporting and commu
nity groups on a regional basis.

The group meets bi-monthly and you can visit the RoadSafe website for further information.

Enquiries received from residents in relation to road safety, traffic management, speed limits, parking, pedestrian and cyclist safety, signage, intersection layouts and sight distance issues should be directed to Customer Service on 03 5320 5500. In certain cases, a written request outlining your concerns is required.
These should be addressed to:
Manager Infrastructure
City of Ballarat
PO Box 655

Speed LimitsTop of document.

Speed Limits

The road network is classified as a combination of arterial roads and local/access roads. The Road Management Act assigns management responsibilities for the arterial roads to VicRoads and to Local Government (Council) for the local/access roads.

While VicRoads are charged with the statutory responsibility of approving speed limits state-wide, site specific speed limit review requests should be forwarded in the first instance to the responsible road authority for consideration/evaluation.

Council can provide advice regarding the responsible road authority relative to a given section of road.

Speed limits set the maximum regulatory speed for a road, although in some conditions speeds much lower than the limit are appropriate. As a driver, it is your responsibility to choose a safe speed for the driving conditions.

50km/h Speed Limit

On 22 January 2001, our urban built-up areas in Ballarat and across Victoria turned 50, when the new speed limit for urban built-up areas was reduced from 60km/h to 50km/h.

Any street in a built-up area without a sign automatically has a 50km/h speed limit. Roads where the speed limit is higher or lower than 50km/h are signed accordingly.

Remember, if theres no sign, its 50km/h.

40km/h School Speed Zones

School speed zones exist outside every school in Ballarat to improve road safety for students. School speed zones aim to increase safety for the most vulnerable road users - children.

Watch out for the speed signs near schools and slow down.

For more information, visit the Victorian Government's Arrive Alive! website.