Faulty Parking Meters or Ticket Machines

If the meter or machine is not working or you notice a fault, please contact the telephone number located on the machine, alternatively, contact Customer Serviceon 03 5320 5500. Please note, if the meter or ticket machine is out of order, time limits still apply and will be enforced.

If you park your vehicle where parking meters apply (refer to signs in area) or in a car park where ticket machines apply, you must have the correct amount of money with you to put into the meter or ticket machine (change will not be issued).

There are various types of paid parking meters installed in Ballarat including mechanical meters, electronic meters, multi-bay meters and pay and display ticket machines.

How To

To use a Pay and Display Ticket Machine (Coin Only, Non Credit Card Machine)

  1. walk to the nearest ticket machine
  2. insert required coin(s)
  3. push the button to print your ticket
  4. collect your ticket and place it on your vehicle dashboard, so all details on the ticket are visible from outside the vehicle

To use a Multi-bay Meter (No Ticket, Non Credit Card Machine)

  1. note the parking space number on the footpath/roadway at the front of the bay you have occupied and walk to the nearest meter noting the directional arrow on the ground
  2. enter the number of your parking space on the keypad
  3. insert coin(s)
  4. note the amount of time you have available to park displayed on the meter

To Use a Pay and Display Ticket Machine (Coin OR Credit Card Machine)

Parking Meter Photo With Credit CardA) Coin payments:

  1. Insert any Australian coins from 10c to $2.
  2. The meter displays the amount of money inserted and the Expiry time.
  3. To print the ticket, Press “Print” push button, and wait for the ticket to be dispensed into the collection tray underneath.
  4. Push-in the swinging transparent polycarbonate door to remove the ticket.
  5. To cancel the transaction and to return inserted coins, press “Cancel”pushbutton.
  6. All deposited coins are returned to the tray from the internal Escrow when the cancel pushbutton is pressed.
  7. All rejected coins and any inserted metal articles are returned to the tray. 

B) Credit card payments:

  1. Press ‘UP’ button to display the largest fee.
    Press the ‘DOWN’ button the next lower fee. 
    Repeat pressing the ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ until the desired fee is displayed.
  2. When the desired fee is being displayed on the meter display, insert and pull out the credit card as shown on the meter instructions decal.
  3. The meter will transfer the credit card number via CDS credit card gateway to the credit card provider to check if the credit card is valid and the funds are available and are ready to be collected.
  4. When parking fee is securely transferred to the meter operator bank account and an OK is received, the meter will print the parking ticket and dispense it into the collection tray ( typically within 2 to 6 seconds) .