With more than 500km of drains to manage across the city, the drainage system is located within roads, reserves and easements and is made up of a network of structures including pipes, pits, channels, flood retention basins and litter traps.

Household and property drains, are owned and maintained by property owners. Should you wish to carry out works on private drainage systems, Council recommends that a qualified plumber be used.

Blocked Drains

Council carries out regular cleaning and clearing of blockages for many kilometres of drains every year. The most common causes of drain blockages is tree root intrusion and poorly installed property connections.

Locating drain blockages can be difficult as the obstructions cannot be seen from above ground. To overcome these difficulties, Council engages contractors to undertake camera inspections inside the pipelines to observe the drain condition and to locate blockages.

FloodingTop of document.

Some areas within the City of Ballarat are at risk of flooding, and flood studies have been carried out on most major watercourses within the City to determine the likely extent of flooding in the event of a severe storm.

While general flooding enquires may be made by telephoning Customer Service on 03 5320 5500, specific information relating to individual properties cannot be given this way. This is because flooding may affect adjoining properties quite differently for example, there are several blocks of units in the City where only one unit is liable to flooding.

To obtain specific flooding information, apply for a Land Information Certificate. A copy of the property title which includes a plan showing the location of the property must be provided with the application.


Legal Points of DischargeTop of document.

All building works (whether an alteration, extension or a new building) must comply with current Building Regulations, which include a requirement to connect stormwater to a 'Legal Point of Discharge' specified by the City of Ballarat.

To enable the correct point to be determined, a copy of title and a site plan showing the nature and location of the proposed works must be supplied.

If the work is a new industrial or commercial development, or will result in three or more dwellings on the same site (ie. a unit development), on-site detention of stormwater will usually be required.

Water Supply & SewerageTop of document.

The City of Ballarat does not have responsibility for water supply and sewerage, nor does it hold records of the location of water and sewer mains.