Asset Protection Permits


Asset Protection 

An Asset Protection Permit ensures existing infrastructure, such as footpaths and gutters, are not damaged by building contractors during construction.  In rural areas there are not typically footpaths or gutters; however there are road surface and environmental assets.  Building works in rural areas do contribute to problems such as litter and waste pollution on roads, open drains, trees, creeks and waterways.  The permit system also assists investigation into illegally dumped materials.  For this reason Asset Protection requirements are enforced in urban and rural areas.

The permit system makes certain that damage to Council Assets during building and construction work are rectified by the responsible contractor and not left to Council to repair.

Asset Protection Permits are required for all building permits with a construction value of $15,000 or greater.  However the following activities will require an Asset Protection Permit irrespective of value:  

  • Demolition.
  • New Residential Constructions.
  • Commercial / Industrial Construction.
  • Pools (above or in-ground).
  • Retaining walls.

This permit is a requirement by Council's Community Local Law No. 15.

The permit is necessary so that Council can undertake pre- and final inspections on the assets in front of the property. Any damage to be found can then be passed onto the responsible person/company to have it reinstated.

How can I apply for an Asset Protection Permit?

The City of Ballarat offers a couple of different ways in which you can apply for a permit online using Council's eServices System or you can visit the Council office located at 25 Armstrong Street South, and speak with one of our Customer Service Officers.

Do I have to pay for an Asset Protection Permit?

The cost associated with an Asset Protection Permit is $160.00 (2016/17) per application, this is an administration fee and covers the cost of providing the applicant with both the pre condition and final condition reports. The cost for any additional inspections is $85.00 each.

Asset Protection Permit fees are non-refundable administration fees to cover the cost of undertaking the inspections and completing the required documentation and correspondence.

Road Closures and Traffic Management

For road closures and/or traffic management, such as for events or road works an application for Traffic Management is required.

This application is pursuant to Regulations under Part 2 – Installation of Traffic Control Devices – of the Road Safety (Traffic Management) Regulations 2009, to erect, display, place, remove or alter traffic control devices.  

Vehicle Crossing PermitTop of document.

Vehicle Crossing Infrastructure Policy

The Vehicle Crossing Infrastructure Policy (PDF - 33KB) was adopted by Council in August 2007. The objectives of the Vehicle Crossing Infrastructure Policy are to address:

  • Crossing location(s)
  • Allowable number of crossings
  • Suitable materials
  • Permit requirements
  • Standards of construction
  • Other considerations 

Why do you have to apply for a permit to construct a vehicle crossing, vehicular bridge or footbridge?

Under section 4.5(b) of Community Local Law No.15 'a person must not, without a permit, construct, install, remove or alter a vehicle crossing'. There is a $1,194.50 fine for constructing a concrete vehicle crossing, vehicular bridge of footbridge without a Vehicle Crossing Permit. 

What other obstructions do I look for?

All services such as water, sewer, gas, telecommunications, electricity and drainage pits and trees should be avoided where possible due to the expense of being adjusted.

I want to build the vehicle crossing out of another material besides concrete what are my options?

Materials such as coloured concrete, brick pavers, exposed aggregate and stencilling are not permitted between the building line and the kerb. Some restrictions also apply due to Council's heritage overlay.

How do you apply for a Vehicle Crossing Permit?

Application for a Vehicle Crossing Permit can be made over the counter with Customer Service in the Phoenix Building, 25 Armstrong Street South.  Permits can be applied for via eServices.  

  • Your name and postal address;
  • The location of works;
  • A plan of the position of crossover(s) if available; and
  • To pay a fee of $110 for the permit.


Hoarding PermitTop of document.

A Hoarding Permit is required for any works requiring the footpath, nature-strip, and/or road reserve to be occupied and fenced off. This is required for the safety of the public and also for the safety of the owners/builders/contractors.

Obtaining this permit can be done by visiting  Council's eServices System or the Phoenix Building, 25 Armstrong Street South, and speaking with one of our Customer Service staff. A Hoarding Permit will cost $160.00. At the time of application, we also require a traffic management plan showing dimensions of fencing, signage and any barriers where applicable.