Animal Registration


Registration fees help deliver:

  • Ballarat Animal Shelter
  • Patrols
  • Community information
  • Reuniting owners with pets
  • Animal enquiries

Pet registration is a legal requirement, failing to register can attracting a $322 fine. Registering ensures the City of Ballarat can easily reunite owners with their pets.


First Time

Registered online using the Animal Registration Form.

Alternatively, visit Customer Service team at The Phoenix, 25 Armstrong Street South to submit the registration with payment in person.

Note: Before first time registration, all cats and dogs must be microchipped.


You will receive an annual renewal notice in the mail.

Payment can be made using:

Registrations must be renewed by April 10 each year.

Extra InformationTop of document.


microchip provides a permanent form of identification which can quickly reunite owners with lost or injured pets. All cats and dogs being registered with the local council for the first time, must also be microchipped.


Lifetime Tags

Lifetime tags are supplied with registration and remain on your pets collar. If the tag is lost, contact the City of Ballarat to organise a replacement.

Restricted Dog Breeds

The City of Ballarat can now accept new registrations for restricted breed dogs under the Domestic Animals Act. Visit Agriculture Victoriafor more details.


How many animals can you keep?

A person must not keep more than 2 dogs and 2 cats. Animals kept on farm land are exempt. For further information, read Part 2 of the Community Local Law 2017. To apply for a permit, complete the Excess Animals Application Form.