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Ballarat Youth Services-Byou  provide a service to young people in Ballarat and the surrounding areas aged 12- 25 years. Youth Services works within a community strengthening framework aiming to engage young people in their local community. Young people who are involved in Youth Services' committees are provided with opportunities to be involved with a range of projects and events. It is through this involvement young people have access to a range of skills enhancement,  training and development.

Civic responsibility, community connectedness and youth participation are vital components in which Youth Services aim to skill young people. Youth Services volunteers have the opportunity to learn about the City of Ballarat, local government, advocate to Council on behalf of Ballarat's youth community about projects or decisions that affect young people living in and around Ballarat.

Through involvement with Youth Services young people improve their connectedness; not only to other young people but to a range of services and organisations that work closely with young people and with other people and opportunities within the area. Youth participation is such an important part of Youth Service's work as it provides the young people involved with some ownership over the events and projects completed.

Youth Services works hard to support young people by advocating for young people as a community group to help provide information to the City of Ballarat, State and Federal government as well as community organisations.

Youth Services work in collaboration with existing networks to ensure effective and equitable resources and initiatives are developed for young people.  By advocating for young people, providing connection between young people and the community, supporting initiatives with resources and knowledge and assisting to develop partnerships assists to improve the opportunities for Ballarat's young people.


  • To foster the development of youth participation  in all aspects of community life beyond home and school
  • To contribute to the development of services that meet young people's needs and assist in their transitions into adult life.
  • To encourage and empower young people the plan a meaningful role in the decisions and processes which affect the Ballarat youth community
  • Work towards young people having the right and the means to democratically participate in all aspects of society that affect them, particularly the civic decision making process that affect them.

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The Youth Council is a committee of young people dedicated to representing the voice of young people in the Ballarat region.Youth Council discuss local youth issues and provide information to the City of Ballarat by representing, consulting, lobbying, advocating and creating new opportunities while assisting to organize events and projects. Youth Council meet fortnightly and work towards making Ballarat the best place possible for young people.

Members of the Youth Council can become involved in, or create any projects, learn new skills, have fun and meet new people all while having their say on what is important to Ballarat's youth!


If you are looking for something to do then come to The Space. You could play the WII or playstation, get active in a game of foozball or pool, or take a trip back in time and play our arcade games or just a place to chill for young people aged 12-25. If you are looking for information or want to get involved in the community we can also help you out. The Space is located at 122 Armstrong St Sth and opened Wednesday-Friday 2:00pm-6:00pm.


A social / support group for local Same Sex Attracted (GLBTI) young people or supporters. ZAQUE is funded by the State Government.  A same sex attracted youth project worker works with the group to plan and facilitate a range of social/support activities as well as community awareness/education projects. Zaque can provide young people, teachers, workers, family and friends with info about sexuality, accepting diversity and other issues.


The City of Ballarat FReeZa committee. FReeZa is part of the State Government and provides funding to work with young people to plan and facilitate art, music and cultural events. The crew meet weekly to work with project workers to plan and learn new skills to put on a range of events. SONIKA members get the chance to participate in a range of training such as FReeZa / The Push - providing accredited training opportunities. SONIKA run a range of FREE or cheap drug, alcohol and smoke free events for young poeple.


Strengthening Generations is a program involving the community that uses information to help people understand the things that put young people at risk and also the things that support and help them.The focus is on preventing risk factors rather than solving issues.Evidence is used to ensure that the programs are not just an idea someone made up but they are actually tested with other youth and proved to work.

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The Youth Services Register (PDF - 1654) is your guide to Youth Support Services in the Central Highlands region, containing useful phone numbers, email addresses and websites on the range of services available to young people in the Central Highlands region.


This Youth Strategy (PDF - 3815KB) provides Council and the community with a framework for addressing the health and wellbeing needs of young people aged 12 to 25 over the next five years.


The Youth Services Quic List (PDF-60KB) is a wall poster of local youth services and contact details for the Central Highlands region.