Personal Care involves those self-care tasks that people would normally do for themselves, but because of illness, disability or frailty, they are unable to undertake without assistance from another person.


Some examples are assistance with, or just being present during:

  • bathing
  • showering
  • dressing, undressing
  • shaving
  • hair care
  • getting in and out of bed
  • assistance with eating and drinking or
  • transferring

All of our Home Care Workers are qualified personal care attendants and are individually matched to each client.

How much Personal Care can you have?Top of document.

  • Personal Care Services are available seven days per week and are often provided outside normal working hours.
  • The duration of the visit will be dependent on what the client needs assistance with and can be as short as 10 minutes to check medication.
  • The allocation of personal care services is determined by the assessed needs of the client.