Frequently Asked Questions


Would I be able to get HACC services through the City of Ballarat?

You may be able to access the City of Ballarat’s HACC services through the Community Care & Access division if you are:

  • An older member of the community having difficulty doing all the things you need done at home to keep you living safely and independently
  • A person with a moderate to severe disability
  • A family carer of the above


How do I get HACC services through the City of Ballarat?

  • You, your doctor, a family member or friend can contact the City of Ballarat to ask about their HACC services.
  • If you are eligible and you would like to, the City of Ballarat Community Care & Access will arrange for qualified staff member to visit you to work on a plan to enable you to achieve the things that are important to you.
  • The qualified staff member will discuss options with you about addressing your needs or put you in touch with other people who can support you to do so.


What type of help is available in my home?

  • A Community Care Worker can come to your home to assist you with cleaning, washing clothes, paying bills and preparing food so that you remain as active and independent as possible (Home Care)
  • A Community Care Worker can also visit to assist you with having a shower, getting dressed and eating. (Personal Care)
  • A volunteer can deliver meals to your home or a community venue (Delivered Meals Service)
  • A Home Maintenance Worker can help with small jobs around  your home to improve your safety such as installing hand rails, changing light globes and checking smoke alarms (Property Maintenance)


Outside the home:

The City of Ballarat's Planned Activity Group provides the opportunity to participate in small friendly groups, to join in activities and outings eg picnics, bus trips, theatre, concerts, guest speakers etc. Activities include centre based programs, off-site visits and provide opportunities to enhance individual skills.


What will I have to pay for HACC services through the City of Ballarat?

Your income level is the starting point for determining the fee you will pay for HACC services. Your Assessment & Care Management Worker can provide you with a Fee Schedule on request.


How much home care can I have?

  • Home Care services are available seven days per week, but General Home Care is usually provided Monday to Friday.
  • Allocation of home care services is determined by the assessed needs of the client
  • Generally around 1 to 1.5 hours per fortnight.