Syringes and Sharps


Please note: The City of Ballarat does NOT provide syringes under any circumstances.

Sharps Disposal

Approved Syringe Container PicIn partnership with Ballarat Community Health Centre a free needle/syringe exchange service is provided within the City of Ballarat for Insulin dependent persons.

Sharps must be stored in an approved sharps container and delivered to the Environmental Health Unit for disposal (25 Armstrong Street South, Ballarat). A replacement container will be provided free of charge.

This service is available for the general community and not available for commercial businesses/activities. If you are undertaking a business involving the use of sharps and need advice regarding suitable disposal and management please call the Environmental Health Unit on 5320 5702.

(Picture Reference: City of Melbourne)

Syringe Bin LocationsTop of document.

City of Ballarat provides syringe bins in all public toilets and they are monitored and maintained by a contracting service.

The locations of public toilets within the City of Ballarat are available from the National Public Toilet Map.

Victorian Syringe Disposal Helpline - 1800 552 355 (freecall)

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If you find a discarded syringe on public land within the City of Ballarat, please contact Council’s Customer Service Unit on 5320 5500 to arrange for their safe collection and disposal. You will need to provide a detailed description regarding the location of the syringe.

NOTE: Syringes on private property are the responsibility of the owner/occupier.

Safe retrieval and disposal of needles and syringes:

 1) Tell Children never to pick up needles and syringes, but to call an adult.
 2) Place used needles only in a suitable sharps container.
 3) Store the container in areas that are child and animal proof.
 4) Pick up the syringe by the barrel end (blunt end) with gloves or metal tongs

1) Toss syringes loose in the bin
2) Clip needles with scissors
3) Dispose of syringes in the toilet
4) Place syringes in aluminium cans or glass containers
5) Place the "Sharps Container" in the bin. This presents some risks to waste collection workers because even heavy duty containers will break under sufficient pressure.

For more information please contact the Syringe Disposal Hotline on 1800 55 23 55 (toll free) or call Council's Environmental Health Unit on 5320 5702.

Guidelines for needlestick injury

When a needlestick injury occurs wash the wound immediately and go and see your doctor.

For information on needlestick injuries please refer to the Better Health Channel