Residential Noise & Odour


After hours complaints should be directed to the Police

Residential Noise

The best approach for solving residential noise problems is to talk to your neighbours and try to negotiate a solution. They may not be aware that they are causing a problem and talking to them will help them become more considerate in the future.

If you are unable to resolve the issues yourself Police and Council’s Environmental Health Unit can investigate and help you resolve unreasonable noise problems.

Lodging a Complaint with Council

The Environment Protection Act states that it is an offence to cause unreasonable noise from any residential premises. Determination of unreasonable noise is established by an authorised officer following investigation of a range of factors including the volume, time of day, duration and intensity.

If you are unable to resolve the matter yourself you can contact Council’s Environmental Health Unit to discuss the issue and an authorised officer will guide you through the process of making a complaint. This may include the need for you to maintain a noise diary and provide a statement regarding the issue.

The Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria (DSCV - Department of Justice) is also a very useful resource that can provide mediation services to help you resolve common neighbourhood disputes. It is a free dispute resolution service funded by the Victorian Government and can assist with a variety of neighbourhood arguments including noise.

Ballarat Office:

Ballarat Justice Service Centre

206 Mair Street, BALLARAT

Contact No:  4301 7000

Further information regarding Residential Noise and prohibited times for noise can be found on the EPA Victoria website.

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OdourTop of document.

Ongoing concerns with odour from residential properties should be directed to Council’s Environmental Health Unit for investigation. In order to investigate an odour issue the source of the odour must be identified.

Odour issues related to industries or manufacturers should be reported to the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) by calling their 24-hour pollution hotline 1300 EPA VIC (1300 372 842).

Further information on odours including types of offensive odours and how to report odours can be found on the EPA Victoria website.