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Learn how to handle food safely to avoid food poisoning. Watch Brian, Bobby, Billy and Bernie bacteria as they remind us how to keep bacteria at bay (Better Health Channel).

Council's Environmental Health Unit is responsible for mandatory monitoring of compliance for all businesses that sell food within the City of Ballarat. Any concerns about food safety should be directed to 5320 5702.

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The Victorian Food Act 1984 requires Council to obtain and test a minimum number of food samples to determine if the food produced is safe and suitable for human consumption. In addition to routine sampling, City of Ballarat regularly takes part in regional and state wide food sampling surveys, cooordinated by the Department of Health & Human Services.

Food sampling can be used as an effective tool to verify the processes involved with high risk foods or unsafe practices identified during inspections. To ensure validity of the results, Environmental Health Officers follow specific procedures relating to obtaining, storing and delivery of the sample to the laboratory for analysis. All food samples are taken to a National Association of Testing Authority (NATA) accredited laboratory for various tests.

For specific information regarding ready to eat foods or raw egg products please view the following flyers.

Ready to eat foods flyer

Food Safety Concerns

Please contact the Environmental Health Unit if you wish to report a concern regarding:

  • Food premise cleanliness;
  • Food handler hygiene practices;
  • Contamination of food, such as foreign objects; and
  • Suspected food poisoning.

Report the incident as soon as possible and where relevant retain any remaining food by wrapping it in clean plastic and storing in the fridge.

Food Recalls

Sometimes food may be recalled from sale if it poses an unacceptable safety risk to consumers or for reasons of product quality. For more information about food recalls visit the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand website. 

Home Occupation Businesses

Are you wanting to run a food business or need more information regarding registering your home kitchen to sell food? Please refer to the Business - Food Premises.

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Community groups within City Of Ballarat include local sporting clubs, senior citizens, church groups, and other not for profit organisations that raise funds solely for charity or provide a service to the community, are a “not for profit” organisation and food handling activities are performed predominantly by volunteers. Requirements for community groups are outlined on the Health Victoria website.

If you intend to operate a sausage sizzle (sausages, onion, tomato sauce, bread) or engage in low risk activities (Class 4) you will be required to complete a notification for a community group temporary or mobile food premises through Streatrader.


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