Public Health & Food Safety


The City of Ballarat Environmental Health Unit provides a variety of public health services to the community and businesses. While being committed to continuously improving the standard and quality of public health within the municipality, the unit is responsible for:

  • Monitoring and inspecting business registered under the Food Act 1984; Public Health & Wellbeing Act 2008; Tobacco Act 1987; Residential Tenancies Act (Part 14) and Environment Protection Act 1970 to ensure compliance with legislation.
  • Handling food-related complaints.
  • Identifying and monitoring public health issues.
  • Managing noise and odour issues to protect residential amenity.
  • Providing advice for food and health businesses.
  • Assessing and providing information for installation and use of septic tanks.


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Business information on public health, Food Premises, Health and Accommodation Premises, Caravan Parks and Aquatic Facilities.

Infectious Disease Control

Council works closely with the Department of Health in the investigation, control and prevention of infectious disease including those associated with gastroenteritis and food borne illness

Food Safety

Council's Environmental Health Unit is responsible for the supervision of all aspects of food production and sale within the Municipality.

Food Premises

Businesses and community groups that sell food are required to be registered with their local council under the Food Act 1984.


The Environmental Health Unit provides assistance on tobacco control issues and undertakes surveillance activities on tobacco compliance issues.

Pest Control

Hints and tips for controlling pest infestations on private land and who to contact if pests are discovered in parks, gardens, nature strips and other public places.

Residential Noise & Odour

Ongoing concerns with noise or odours from residential properties should be directed to Council’s Environmental Health Unit for investigation

Asbestos and Mould

Agencies involved in asbestos-related issues include Council, the EPA, Department of Health and WorkSafe.

Septic Tanks

Large parts of Ballarat rely on septic tanks to manage domestic wastewater. Council has a wastewater management program for the installation and use of septic tanks.

Syringes and Sharps

The City of Ballarat provides a syringe disposal service as well as manage disposal units located within all public toilets.


List of contamination information and advice.

ComplaintsTop of document.

Reporting Public Health Concerns

Council’s Environmental Health unit can investigate concerns regarding conditions that are, or are likely to be dangerous to health, noxious or injurious to personal comfort.

These matters, once reported will be investigated by an Authorised officer to determine the most appropriate action and options available within the legislative framework. In some cases it may be determined that the matter is better settled privately in which case advice will be provided to assist with this. 

Business Complaint Investigations

The Environmental Health Unit investigates complaints or concerns from the public in relation to the conditions of food, health and accommodation premises. Proprietors have a responsibility to maintain their business in a clean and sanitary state. If you have any concerns about a registered premises contact the Environmental Health Unit on 5320 5702.