Empowering Communities - Learmonth


What’s happening in Learmonth?

The Learmonth Community Action Team (LCAT) was formed from a community meeting that was held on Monday 21 October last year. The LCAT are the drivers and decision makers in the Learmonth Township Empowerment Program.

Together, the LCAT are passionate about making Learmonth a vibrant and supportive community and one which reflects and improves its idyllic lifestyle.

Thanks to the following members for their enthusiasm and commitment:

  • Charlie Hughes
  • Anne McErlain
  • Cathy Hughes
  • Jane McErlain
  • Catherine Chibnall
  • Liz Charles
  • Eleanor & Geoff Ryan
  • Anne Robinson
  • Eileen Kelly
  • Liz Bourke
  • Jan & Len Harwood
  • Lois & Graham Findlay
  • Paul Beechey
  • Lois Spenceley
  • Paul Ryan

Members of the community are welcome to become involved as the program evolves and begins to explore the ideas raised at the meetings.

For further information on the LCAT or if you are interested in getting involved contact Council’s Community Engagement Team on 5320 5746.


Learmonth Community Action Team Presentations:

Learmonth Population Profile

The information provided in the document link below is sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and does not include data from the rural areas surrounding the township of Learmonth.

Learmonth Population Profile

Loving Learmonth Face Book Group

The Loving Learmonth Face Book Group enables information to be shared and viewed by  followers of the page. The page is regularly updated on the status of local projects, news, events and information that is relevant to the community.

 Council's Community Directory profides information on commuity organisations, community facilities and recreation options.