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The Making Buninyong Face Book page enables information to be shared and viewed by  followers of the page. The page is regularly updated on the status of local projects, news, events and information that is relevant to the community.


What’s happening in Buninyong?

The Buninyong community has embraced the Township Empowerment Program. More than 40 people attended a meeting at the Buninyong Town Hall in August 2013 where they had the chance to discuss local issues of interest and concern to them. Issues highlighted during the community consultation included:

  • Preserving Buninyong village
  • Strategic traffic planning – including
  • Pedestrian infrastructure
  • Parking
  • De Soza Park and Royal Park
  • Market and arts space
  • Youth space 
  • Signage, planting, vines extension
  • Catering better for tourists

Buninyong’s $100,000 was banked at the Bendigo Community Bank in Buninyong late November.

Buninyong Community Reference Group

A Community Reference Group has been set up to focus on the allocation of Township Empowerment Program funds to locally identified projects, to maintain links between community groups and Council, and to oversee project developments.

This group was established to steer the program and complement the existing groups in Buninyong, such as the Buninyong and District Community Association (BDCA). Groups such as the BDCA have a vital role to play in the Reference Group and the funds associated with the program will provide ‘added extras’ to the work
already being done.

The Buninyong Community Reference Group will be supported and resourced through South Ward Councillors and Council’s Community Engagement team. A large group of people indicated their willingness to be actively involved, and
after some discussion and a series of one to one meetings, a group consisting of the Bendigo Community Bank, the Buninyong and District Community Association and ten residents was formed.

Thanks to the following members for their contribution: Amber Balzic, Andrew Paterson, Michelle Corcoran, Marilyn Morley, Rowena Worth, Michael Ford, Barry
Fitzgerald, Ian Salathiel, Bill Jolly, and Andrea Mason.

Buninyong Community Reference Group presentations :

Buninyong Community Reference Group (BCRG) Reports and Minutes :

Buninyong Population Profile

Buninyong - Rural South is bounded by the Yarrowee River, a line running parallel to Ballarat-Buninyong Road, Hitchcock Road, a line running east-west to the north of Elizabeth Street and Wirreanda Drive in the north, the municipal boundary of Moorabool Shire in the east and south-east and the municipal boundary of Golden Plains Shire in the south-west and west.  Find out more about Buninyoung on ID

Buninyong Community Organisations

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