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We can all create stronger neighbourhoods. You don’t have to buy a ticket or spend money. Here are some ideas:

  • Say "Hello" to a Neighbour with a City of Ballarat Hello Card.
  • Organise a Neighbourhood event – a barbecue, garden party, picnic or afternoon tea in a local park.
  • Go out and say “G’day” to your neighbours and maybe make some new friends!
  • Make a special effort to introduce yourself to older residents on the street and anyone who lives alone. Leave them your mobile or home telephone number for use in an emergency.
  • Help out by collecting mail when neighbours are away and keep an eye on their property.
  • Try car pooling if kids go to the same school or you work/shop in the same area.
  • Get fit, try jogging or walking together.
  • Get together with neighbours who have dogs for walks.
  • Share surpluses of garden produce and have preserving parties.

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