Sister City: The City of Ballarat and Town of Inagawa

Celebrating 30 years in 2018.
Ballarat, Australia and the Town of Inagawa Hyogo Prefecture, Japan have engaged in many cultural and educational activities in the spirit
of friendship, freedom and peace for the past 30 years after entering into a Sister City Agreement on 1 August 1988.
The City of Ballarat and the Town of Inagawa have committed to strengthening the relationship between our respective cities and communities and will continue to promote cultural opportunities as they arise.
As a critical element of the 30th Anniversary Celebrations, the City of Ballarat will host a delegation from the Town of Inagawa in October this year, led by Mayor Choji Fukuda.
This opportunity will be used to highlight the range of projects and activities undertaken over the last thirty years and to further commit to working together to enhance that relationship into the future.
We presently commit to strengthening Sister City relationships even further with respect to:
1.  promote international education by continuing to pursue opportunities through the Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) program, an exchange student programs from each city. These people will be encouraged to become goodwill ambassadors and promote the understanding of each other’s culture and history
2.  promote arts and cultural development through the mutual exchange of artwork
3.  promote opportunities for economic exchange and development of mutually beneficial economic activities
4.  promote tourism between our cities through further information exchange and development of ideas including a focus on mining history.
5.  staff exchanges will be conducted from each city each other year. The exchange officer will take up the mission of goodwill ambassador to introduce and to make good understanding of each other’s culture and history
6.  we have committed to share ideas and experiences of volunteer organisations.