Influenza pandemic – what is it?

Influenza is a virus that evolves rapidly. So, when a new influenza strain emerges, it can spread quickly between humans – across communities and populations at a local, national and international level.

History has shown that pandemics tend to occur every 10-50 years. But it’s impossible to predict exactly when another pandemic will occur and how virulent it will be. The best thing to do is to be prepared. The Victorian Government has developed a number of plans and will lead the State’s response to a human influenza pandemic in line with the National Action Plan for Pandemic Influenza.


Council’s role in managing the risk of pandemic

The City of Ballarat has developed an Influenza Pandemic Plan [Edit note: insert link to pdf of Influenza Pandemic Plan – to be provided] to assist in reducing the impacts of an influenza pandemic within the local community, provide support and recovery assistance throughout the pandemic, and ensure that Council’s response activities are consistent with the whole-of-government response.

The Influenza Pandemic Plan forms part of Council’s Municipal Emergency Management Plan. [Edit note: insert link to ‘The Municipal Emergency Management Plan’ heading on ‘Council’s role in Emergency Management’ page]


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