Electricity Fire Recovery Arrangements


General Powercor and Electricity Fire Recovery Arrangments

Website www.powercor.com.au 

Summary of assistance able to be provided :

Powercor Contact Phone Numbers

  • Faults and Emergencies : 132 412
  • Connection and General Enquiries : 132 206

Electricty Re-Connection to Damaged Installations

  • Powercor New Connections process to apply
  • This inlcudes temporary supplies in the case the of situations where re-building is required
  • Customer Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) to submit an Electrical Work Request (EWR) and fully completed Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES) to the customer's retailer.
  • Your retailer will communicate directly with Powercor
  • Your REC will be aware of the process to have electricty reconnected.

Other InformationTop of document.

The community needs to be aware of the general hazards associated with powerlines.

  • Look up and Live
  • Dial Before You Dig (telephone 1100)
  • Other solar and battery storage connections.