CALD Education and Employment Pathways Program


With funding from the Department of Education until December 2016, the City of Ballarat, together with partners Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council, Ballarat Community Health, Centre for Multicultural Youth and training delivered by Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre, is currently managing the CALD Education and Employment Pathways (CEEP) program which aims to enhance social inclusion, employment and education pathways for sixty (60) Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) men, women and youth. This is being undertaken through the delivery of training and development initiatives to enable participants to better navigate an Australian life and achieve positive employment and education career goals.

CALD Education and Employment Pathways

The program aims to:

  • Support participants to build their confidence and acquire skills to be work ready or to study in an Australian environment
  • Undertake training and personal development opportunities to better navigate the ‘Australian way of life’ and understand Australian specific expectations of employees
  • Provide a mentor program
  • Provide work experience or volunteering opportunities
  • Help participants to identify and access employment or education opportunities
  • Make friends and enhance social connections.

Other aspects of the program include:

  • Engaging and enhancing relationships with employers as a means to highlight the benefits of diversity within the workplace
  • Seeking opportunities to increase employment for CALD people in Ballarat
  • Delivering community strengthening activities such as social events and community festivals.

Participants of the program meet regularly during ‘CEEP Chat’ at the Ballarat Library-Meeting Room every Wednesday 1.00pm - 3.00pm. If you are interested please feel free to drop in and say hello!