Cultural Diversity


The City of Ballarat acknowledges the Wathaurung peoples as the traditional custodians of the land on which its community live.  Our community has strengths and assets, and we seek to develop and build on these, taking into account the diversity of our community through the Ballarat Reconciliation Action Plan 

In 2003, the City of Ballarat embarked on a journey of reconciliation with local *Aboriginal people and a Statement of Commitment was developed through a process of negotiation and consultation.

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‘Ballarat: an inclusive intercultural city’ is a community that looks at what its people already have in common. We may all come from different backgrounds and cultures, but as a community, we share the same schools, businesses, work places, recreation spaces and much more. Our intercultural city builds on the concept of ‘all of us’ living together in a vibrant, diverse and harmonious community.  Learn more about Cultural Diveristy in Ballarat through the Cultural Diversity Strategy.